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What Is Structured Water?

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The human body is generally considered to be flesh and blood and yet, fundamental to both is water. Water is not an inert thing or liquid, water is life in liquid form, and when it is structured, water is in the form that is essential to sustain or regain human health. The following is an exert of a conversation with Clayton Nolte, a physicist and developer of a device that structures water.

Interviewer: What’s water structuring first of all?
Clayton Nolte: Water structuring basically is emulating nature, if you take a bucket of water and put it in a mountain stream and collect it at the bottom it’s structured. As the water is moving over the rocks and around all the curves and corners it is making the water in the image of perfection. Structured water is perfect water for hydration. It has no memory so it’s clear, it has a high life force energy, and it’s a balanced water, the pH is balanced very similar to what the body requires, it provides a pH, which is potential hydrogen, of about 7.5 and most water in nature is alkaline water, however, if it’s coming up out of the ground its acidic, so it needs tending to, in a sense.

Interviewer: Okay, there is a difference between structured water and not structured water then?
Clayton: Yes.

Interviewer: And it seems to me that perhaps structured water will actually be allowed to go in and make some types of changes in a way that the right key would, where as not structured water, unstructured water would not make that happen.
Clayton: That’s true, structured water and the difference if you look at it visually you won’t see any difference, its just clear water, and so the difference is that structured water feels wetter, it tastes better and it’s denser and it is absolutely perfect for the body. Structured water carries with it only the things that are good for life. So if you are eating food or you are taking medication, vitamins, minerals or whatever, structured water will only carry with it and to your cells the things that are good for life. The only thing that goes forward into the cells will be elements, minerals, vitamins that are good for life, everything else goes out the elimination system. Now in the structuring event if also there is residual information or vibrations, the water molecule as it passes through your body will collect everything that's detrimental within your body, heavy metal or information that is detrimental to your cells well being will be pulled to the inside of that water molecule and carry it with it through your system.Water lose his vitality when it has passed a water filter and must be revitalized by structuring the water molecules.

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