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Videos of Structured Water

GDV subtle energy reading of water after it has been structured with a Structured Water Unit.

See C. Nolte the inventor of the Structured water unit

Check out this amazing 2 part video series about the power of Structured Water on growing food.

Part 1: Documenting the potential of structured water use in agriculture, Adam Abraham visits Port Hueneme, CA and speaks with microbiologist, Joseph Johnson, who performed an experiment on a "soil deficient" section of a strawberry farm, with remarkable results. (The water structuring device referred to as a photonic water structuring device is the exact same as the Structured Water Unit)

Part 2: Phenomenal improvements with the strawberry grower after installing a Structured Water Unit in Pt. Hueneme, CA inspires a return trip to talk with Joseph Johnson, of ABC Organics.

The real story of bottled water:

The Secrets of water

Revolutionary New Discoveries about water 2014 please see the news of Mr. David Sereda.

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