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Hydrate yourself with structured water and protect your health and the environment

Welcome to the world of Structured Water. With our water system you protect your health and save the environment of plastic waste. You can stop to buy & drink water out of plastic bottels. This protect really your health and also the nature. You can see here the real strory of in plastic botlles. Here the latest news of water of the year 2014.

This discovery is the Structured Water Unit and it will transform your ordinary tap water into extremely hydrating structured water. It will allow you to purify the water in your home the same way mother nature does. It kills anaerobic bacteria (bad bacteria). It strengthens aerobic bacteria (good bacteria). It alkalizes your water back to its proper balance. It softens your water. Your garden and plants will require less water. It doesn't filter out the good stuff in water like most water filters on the market do. And one of the best parts about the Structured Water Unit is that you never have to replace anything on it. It's a one time installation unit.

The Structured Water Unit truly is amazing technology that uses an advanced understanding of vortex science, utilizing the dynamic characteristic of water and geometric structures that allow the water to work upon itself on the molecular level to create naturally balanced water. Water is the machine. No moving parts or chemicals. Totally pure. Just like water running down a beautiful river.

Water lose his vitality when it has passed a water filter and must be revitalized by structuring the water molecules.

If you want to buy a unit of Agua Estructurada you can contact us direct by email. You can pay with credit card or swift bank transfer. When you buy at our online shop you can pay with PayPal

To experience the Structured Water Unit of pure water health

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Bio Photon Energy level of water molecules

destilled water_____natural structured_______Agua Estructurada

Structured water

  • Improves your health
  • Helps eliminate toxins in your body
  • Alkalizes your water to a natural pH level
  • Kills anaerobic bacteria (bad bacteria)
  • Strengthens aerobic bacteria (good bacteria)
  • Is softer water
  • Hydrates your plants and gardens with less water
  • Is perfectly balanced
  • Refreshes showers and baths
  • Helps prevent bath tub scum
  • Improves skin & hair
  • Prevents dry itchy skin
  • Holds anti-aging properties
  • Improves joint & muscle pain
  • Grows greener lawns with less fertilizer
  • Requires less Chlorine in swimming pools
  • Reduces odors around & in bathrooms & toilets
  • Removes existing calcium and arogonite deposits (spotless dishes)
  • Prevents & removes corrosion & increases the life span of pipes, water heaters dishwashers, swamp-coolers, water heating systems, ice makers, etc.
  • Improves ability of plants to withstand lower freezing temperatures
  • Provides cleaner healthier fish tanks, less algae growth in ponds & lakes
  • Improves the health of livestock & pets
  • Improves crops & garden growth (bio-mass 27% to 40%)

Structured Water -Oxygen and Health

Because structured water contains stable oxygen, it does not dissipate immediately. This added oxygen can help to raise oxygen content in the blood. Low oxygen content in the blood can be associated with poor
health and headaches. Structured water is great for high altitudes. Research shows chronic dehydration to
be the root cause of many diseases. Even mild dehydration slows metabolism, causing fatigue, reduces short-term memory, and increases existing health challenges.

Dr. Pollack 's (Professor of Bioengineering, University of Washington) research shows Structured Water contains more oxygen than bulk water.

Drinking the right water can be even more important than drinking more. Drinking Structured Water is cheap insurance. One of the easiest ways to help the body function optimally is to keep it well hydrated.

How important is oxygen? 90% of all "life energy" is created by oxygen All functions in the body are regulated by oxygen. The brain processes billions of bits of information per second -Thanks to oxygen.

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