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Memory of Water

water revitalization, structured water, waterfilter, water purification, watertreatment, filtration, photonic water, agua estructurada, alcaline water

water revitalization, structured water, waterfilter, water purification, watertreatment, filtration, photonic water, agua estructurada, alcaline water

Even water, as it has appeared to be, has its own “memory”. According to the scientists, the complex structure of water is the key factor allowing it (the water) to hold on to the information. What is the exact process for it? -

The first academic paper in Russia researching “Memory of the water” has been successfully defended.

Mr. Zenin S.V. has defended his scientific research academic paper which has explored the memory of the water. Until now it has been believed that water is unable to sustain long living structure. However, the research conducted by the scientist has proved the reality to be different. As a result of his research water has come out as a strictly hierarchical substance with a crystal-like “water quantum” at the base, consisting of 57 molecules of water. This structure is exceptionally energy efficient and can be damaged loosing free molecules only when exposed to the impact of alcohol and the like dissolving substances in high concentration. “Quanta of water” are capable of interacting with each other through free hydrogen compounds which leads to creation of the by-structures in a form of hexagons. These hexagons consist of 912 molecules of water which are, on the contrary, almost unable to interact through hydrogen compounds. This property attributes to an extremely labile nature of their interaction. This, in turn, is attributable to the remote Coulomb forces which are responsible for creation of new type of electronic complementary liaison. This particular type of interaction is responsible for building up structured water elements in a form of cells of 05 to 1 micron in size. Finally, these cells are what we see through the phase-contrast microscope.

The water in its structured form has appeared to be a very sensitive transducer of different fields. In particular, remarkable is its extreme sensitivity to variations in the state of electromagnetic vacuum. Accordingly, the researcher has come to believe that brain, being by 90 % a water substance, is capable of influencing the vacuum’s structure.

Evidence has been received in laboratory operated by Zenin which demonstrated human ability to influence water properties. Furthermore, the influence force sometimes comes to such a great extent that is causes test microorganisms stand still ceasing their movements and moreover, die and even dissolve in the water.

It has been established that water is not exactly homogeneous contrary to what has been believed so far. It consists of microscopic crystals in a form of rhombus-like polygon. This polygon structure can be transformed from a cube if a drawing force is applied to the two opposite angles of this cube towing it into opposite directions. This polygon structure has the dimensions of 20 x 20 x 30 angstrom (1 angstrom equals to 1 ten millionth second of a millimeter). In its normal liquid state – from 0 to 100 Celsius degrees – water is nothing but a substance consisting of such polygonal structures each of them, in turn, consisting of 912 molecules.

This appears to be some sort of super molecule of water. It is so small that it is invisible even through the most powerful microscope. Structure of this molecule was the subject of some tiresome string of research undertaken by a number of Moscow scientific institutes who labored in exhausting attempt to comprehend the geometry of elements inside the crystal. These studies were conducted by way of a wide range of physics-chemical methods including magnetic nuclear resonance, highly efficient liquid chromatography and refractometry. Eventually the studies have delivered the result which you already know.
Structured elements are clustered in larger by size compounds – cells of a half micron size (where a micron is one thousand second of a millimetre) and which were visible only at a contrast-phases microscope. One cell contains a great number of structured elements (2 multiplied by 24th degree divided by 6, to be exact). And one element contains a great number of water molecules.

It was discovered that the state of water was prone to change not only in response to the fields’ impact but also.... to a human mental process. There have been over 500 life experiments conducted with different people in the Federal Scientific-Research Clinical Experimental Centre of Conservative Medicine of Ministry of Health of Russia together with MGU. According to the results, water has changed its properties in one or other way depending on mental messages it received from the participants.

water revitalization, structured water, waterfilter, water purification, watertreatment, filtration, photonic water, agua estructurada, alcaline water

fluid machine, water revitalization, structured water, agua estructurada, alkalines water, water purification, water treatment, water filter, water filtration

Most importantly, the electro conductivity of the water has been changing so dramatically that the simplest microorganisms placed in the water either died or, on the contrary, survived and flourished. It has appeared that one water cell contains about 44 000 formations or so called “informational panels”. Each of these panels has its own functional system and is capable of responding to different forces coming from the outside, similarly to a body cell receptor.

By influencing water in any way we impact only a certain group of “informational panels”. Another type of impact will evoke the response in utterly different group of panels, such impacts causing different panel groups to interact resulting in a modified state of water.

Therefore, water appears to be some sort of hierarchically organized substance in some way resembling a mini computer with ability to memorize and retranslate. Actually, water is a complete living cell.

Water is capable of preserving its structured elements even at boiling. On the other hand, frozen molecules of water crystallize and transform in a structured ice. However, the circulation process inside the crystals never stops. Water remaining unfrozen establishes circulation through tiny “tubes” the same way as fluid circulates in the bodies of animals or plant stems. The more durable life of a crystal is the more resemblance it carries with human “life fluids” and the better for our body it becomes.

According to the results of the test, baby’s cells and animal baby’s cells contain special structured water. Magnified at the microscope 20 thousand times it reveals a structure which looks just like snowflakes. That’s why such water was named clustered.

Evidence suggests that it has extensively powerful beneficial effect on a body: it cleans the body from toxins and slows down aging.

English researcher Henry Koanda has studied water crystals in actual snowflakes falling from the sky and was impressed by the discovery that each snowflake has its own pattern and its own way of interaction with the environment.

This lifts the veil from the “holy water” phenomenon. Why cannot the water change its properties under impact of such external factor as a pray, especially if such pray is charged with the powerful energy of a sincerely believing human being who charges it, oblivious to the fact, during his pray?

“Holy water” has been tested in Altay Polytechnic University in laboratory of Professor Pavel Goskov to research its physical and biological properties. Following the research this water was mixed with common tap water, notably, in a highly diluted proportion – 10 milliliters of “holy water” to 60 liters “tap water”. After that new analysis has been run which has delivered exceptionally remarkable results. It has appeared that common tap water has transferred into “holy” over some period of time. The transformation has triggered changes in electrical conductivity of the water; moreover, as a result of this transformation it acquired new biological and active antimicrobial qualities in their effect similar to that of silver ions.

Water is the basic substance of our body. We all have rivers and streams flowing inside of us. And we are themselves a system of interconnected vessels which carry floods of different fluids interacting with each other in one or other way. Our life if sustained by a great number of chemical reactions taking place in a water solution, helping to convey nutrition to the cells of our body through intercellular fluid and extract waste products the same way.

A body of an adult person by about 70 percent consists of water. A child is even move “wet”. Aging process is, in fact, a loss of water by our body cells and deprivation of our body water resources. Human fetus of six weeks old consists of water by 97.9 percent, while just a few months later a little bit “aged” newborn baby has considerably less water in his body, no more than 83 percent. Water in human’s body unequally allocated. Unfortunately, most consists of water, our muscles – by 75. Our skin and liver by 70 percent consist of water. Even bones have water at the quantity of about 20 percent.

The results of these researches are astonishing. They cast utterly different light on our body, making us think of ourselves from a totally different angle, having reminded us that we ourselves are nothing but “water with the spirit”.

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