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Energy of Water

The modern maintenance-free drinking water purification Agua Estructurada

<Aura after drinking normal tab water>

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<photonic energy level after drinking structured water>

Clayton: In my studies, this is the most efficient unit.

Interviewer: Let’s talk a little bit about the studies that you have done on this water because we have talked about things having energy and life force energy what have you done. What have you found out about water?
Clayton: Well I have done some scientific studies recently using a gas discharge visualization analyzer. This is a device that looks at the biophoton energy level of you and or all things and the device is built in Russia by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov a physicist by the way and a very interesting device it measures the biophoton energy and in my writings I write it as life force energy. In other cultures its called prana and there are many names for this energy level but this is a device that can measure it and analyze it and it puts out a multi page document documented report on the results.

Interviewer: It also produces a video showing the image of this energy coming out.
Clayton: Well exactly, that’s the way the tests were done. It actually photographed the energy of the water multiple times and this is a drop of water suspended out of the lens and it takes the picture multiple times and it produces a virtual movie of the energy formed of the structured water and in our basic test we actually utilized tap water and this tap water in this particular situation was in New Mexico where some of the highest quality structured water coming out from the ground and it was a significant pattern but what the Structured Water Unit did, this unit I am talking about was the whole house unit. The house unit provided an 89% increase in the energy of that water.

Interviewer: Already good water and an 89% increase in that!
Clayton: In the energy form, or basically the biophoton energy and many people ask me how long does that biophoton energy last? And again it comes back down to what’s the condition is of its environment. If the condition is highly detrimental with people that are in stress or energy forms that are not in good space it will deteriorate the water, it will take it down but generally speaking if its in a very clean atmosphere of the energy level being high with people that are energized that are in joy and happy it will last for a very long period of time.

The limits are always subject to what we believe. If we set a limit things are limited. If we don’t see limitations, there is no limitation.

Water lose his vitality when it has passed a water filter and must be revitalized by structuring the water molecules.

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