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Dynamically Harmonized Water

by Clayton Nolte

<normal watermolecules and structured water molecules after passing water to the structured water unit>

<structured water molecules, normal water molecueles>

<watermolecule after have received a vortex spin with the structured water unit. This water filter restructure the water molecuels>

Water Spirals and Vortices

Water naturally tries to spin. It flows freely over rocks and sediment on its way downhill. Eachtime it encounters an obstacle, the forward motion is stopped as water curls inward, forming a spiral. This is one of the ways nature gathers energy and brings life to water. The spiral – nature’s way of gathering energy.

Viktor Schauberger, the legendary Austrian naturalist, spent much of his life studying water. Many of his inventions are based on vortex technology. Viktor’s observations convinced him fast running, vortex-filled streams are more “alive” than stagnant water. For Viktor, nature is the foremost teacher, so the task of technology is not to correct nature but to imitate it. This was the principle that guided him throughout his life, ‘first understand nature and then copy it.’
Nature frequently uses the hyperbolic spiral which is externally centripetal and internally moves towards the center; such spirally movements are found in the spiral nebula of galaxies in space, in blood and sap, and the natural flow of water.

Dynamically harmonized water. Dynamic is movement. Change through movement. And so when water comes into a Agua estructurada unit / Structured Water Unit it becomes dynamically harmonized structured active water. It is the atmosphere where things move and change. So dynamic harmonized. Harmonize is balance. When water is moving and balancing simultaneously it creates an atmosphere of vortexing. That vortex is a spin to the left and a spin to the right. And in that spin creates detoxing, or basically neutralizing the atmosphere, or let’s say the condition of disharmony. Those are adverse toxins, things that are detrimental to life.

In the movement it creates a neutralization of those toxins. Whether they be arsenic, lead, mercury, radiation. All the things that create an atmosphere of bringing about, again, disharmony of a living organism.

So when water is in the spirit, or in the space of change in the evolution, it is throwing off the toxins. But it’s also drawing in the enhancements or the nutrients. All the things that are good for life are being drawn into the water to be able to be deposited where they are needed. Throughout its existence it’s constantly giving, constantly raising the bar, constantly bringing about the evolution of everything that it comes in contact with. This is dynamically harmonized active water

As things are given from that perspective, they are raised up. They are enhanced. They are off to a place of a greater place of giving themselves. So dynamically harmonizing anything, you create an atmosphere of a gift. A gift, and that great gift is the gift of what we consider a field effect. That gift extends out to 1,000 feet in all directions from the source.

But as it creates another source out there at 1,000 feet, it could go on and on and on. So when we say if an individual puts a Agua estructurada unit / Structured Water Uni in their home, they create an atmosphere of harmony. It may take a while for that harmony to actually change the envelope of that home because we have to know as human beings that everything man made is detrimental to your health. Carpet, walls, chlorine, fluoride. But all these things are detrimental to life and all these things are considered by water to be exactly that. Toxic. So it’s going to try to make a correction.

It also addresses stress, disharmony. And over and over and over we are experiencing, and people all over the world are experiencing an increase in harmony in their lives, in their pets, in their animals, in their fields, in their gardens, in their community.

We havee structured water units on bottling plants and the owners of the bottling plant, this was last year, basically he told me that he wanted me to come and do a study. But again, it takes tools. It takes the availability to go to Iraq and do a study of the military, because he was bottling water for the military.

I had told him that - basically he was taking water from the river. He was borrowing it and then he would ionize it and then put it in a bottle. I gave him a little description of what he was creating. So he put a Agua Estructurada unit / Structured Water Units on every one of his bottling devices. He said within a week you could see the harmony. People started working together. They started laughing. They started being more in joy.

I get these comments from all over the world. Again, every day I get phone calls. I ask people to write it down and send it to me, but writing it down and just saying it is two different things.

But dynamically harmonized water, again, it’s all about the movement. Dynamic movement. We create it when we dance and that’s all active water is doing, dancing. And in that dance, it doesn’t have a memory of somebody cutting them off in traffic or all of the things that have happened in the past. It’s instantaneous. The key here to all of this is water, when it’s in that dance, in that movement, is it’s in the now. It’s in this very moment. The most powerful entities are things that can be in the moment always.

So when the water comes out the other end of a Agua estructurada unit / Structured Water Unit and you consume it, you bathe in it, it’s giving you that same dynamic harmony of potentially letting go of everything from the past, everything that is no longer functioning, no longer serves you. But again, it’s a choice because humans have that choice.

But if as people are letting go, as people are allowing the water to be their source, their opening to letting go, it is happening. And I foresee that in many ways as this is created in communities, on farms, in all around the world, that we are creating again, a presence, a harmony that is going to be undeniable.

So it builds. And I want to say this. It’s all about energy. As the adverse energy piles on, the adverse energy of cities having to go deeper for the water, they’ve been taking ground water for a certain point for hundreds of years and all of a sudden they poke the well source down deeper, there’s a lot of sediment down there, a lot of stuff down there in aquifers. As they go deeper they’re bringing up more adversity. But also adversity are power lines. They create enormous amounts of positive ions. Those power lines are very disruptive to water. They create an atmosphere of negativity that is sometimes difficult to overcome.

In our experience as we add more units and we have done experiments where you add three house units in a series, it creates a maximum energy production.

When I was speaking with a friend of mine just recently we were talking about so what is it? What’s the difference between water that is exuberant, is life giving, and dead water? The difference is that dead water, all the oxygen in the water is utilized in order to hold onto the memories of the things that are bad. The adversity. So it’s holding. All the oxygen goes into collecting and holding it.

In dead water there’s no oxygen that’s made available at the cellular level. Primarily when oxygen is available the first place it goes is to your brain. So a great deal of the diseases that we are suffering from today is a lack of oxygen to the brain. When people are not hydrated, and they don't drink enough balanced water, what do they drink? The water they drink is dead water. Low energy.

But again, even dead water, and especially dead water, it can be harmonized to bring it up to a certain level. But it may take more energy in order to bring it up to a higher level. I say this with the greatest emphasis that we as an individual, we have the power. We really don’t need a device. If we were truly in that space of dynamically harmonizing our own self, of gratitude, of appreciation, then everything that comes into our lives is exactly the same thing that Agua Estructurad brings to you, or brings to an individual.

We have the power and as - I say this very adamantly. If you’re pouring water through a and you give gratitude to that water simultaneously, you are immeasurably enhancing the energy potential to you. And to everything in your surrounding area.

It is essential that man take responsibility and take part in his and her well being. As we do, we see it in strawberry fields, for instance. The aspect of when structured water goes in how it raises the energy field. That energy field measured in bricks. We can measure it with a refractometer. You can measure the sugar level of all fruits and vegetables just by squeezing a little juice on it and looking at it. It’ll tell you what the sugar levels are. Every biologist that works in the food industry knows that any level less than ten, ten or less, has no food value. But when you add structured water to that evolution of food, it can raise it up to 16-18. That’s just in strawberries.

When that food value goes up, the potential for disease goes down. Disease in strawberries is primarily a white fly comes and lays its eggs. If the strawberries aren’t picked they drop to the ground and they rot and go away. And basically the white flies are there as a way of eliminating those things that are not perfect, that are not optimal. But believe me; in these fields where they’re watered with structured water, the strawberries are of such a high level of energy that the white flies don’t come. They can’t. They can’t enter into that atmosphere. So it’s the same way for us individuals.

As we assimilate that energy, whether it be through let’s say fruit and vegetables that are watered with this water, that its life force energy is really high, and the water itself, and living in communities with people that are in the same harmony, the same level, the same intensity of wanting more, of being enthusiastic, genuine, appreciative, things grow. And they’ll grow to the place where there’ll be only the potential for life. There will no longer be any disharmony or disagreement. And it’ll just raise to who knows, unlimited levels.

Water lose his vitality when it has passed a water filter and must be revitalized by structuring the water molecules to have active water..

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