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Agua Estructurada

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The most effective home water filter purification systems. You can enjoy healthy water by our structured water system choosing the appropriate home water purification system.

Water, just like any living thing in nature, has a natural action to it and we call that Agua estructurada. Wu Wei is an important concept of Taoism which involves the natural law of action that occurs on both the macro and the micro level of the world. On the macro level we see rivers flow, ocean waves curl and clouds rain. This is the dance of water and even humans, who are 80% water, also like to flow and dance.

On a micro level electrons are always moving (unless by a near impossible chance they reach 0 kelvin) and they prefer an environment that will allow them to keep moving. When water gets trapped the electrons get stale and so does water. It becomes flat and dead. But when water, just like all life, keeps moving and flowing and dancing it stays happy, vibrant and harmonious.

That is what Wu Wei Structured Water Unit’s by Natural Action Water does to water. It brings structure back to water and life back to that structure. But Wu Wei Structured Water Unit’s do more than that. Natural Action inventor Clayton Nolte has created something very exciting. By creating a device that works like nature, a device that mimics rivers and streams, he has created something that brings harmony to our drinking water and therefore to our lives.

Most, if not all, other products on the market which can restructure water with vortex technology, do it by spinning the water one direction. But the Agua estructurada unit proprietary design not only spins the water in both directions but it does so in a way that dynamically harmonizes the water into it’s full potential as a living element. It cleans the memory, increases the biophotonic resonance and balances the water back into harmony. Left spin and right spin are crucial to creating the balance of creation and destruction that are both important to life in this universe. This is a law of physics and Clayton Nolte took this into account when he created the Wu Wei Structured Water Unit.

Hexagonal water is not really structured water for it only exists in a solid frozen state. But once you unfreeze the water it begins flowing in a coherent living flow of structure and balance and life doesn’t agree with staying static like a hexagonal crystal.

Hexagonal Water served its purpose when Masaru Emoto photographed ice crystals but when you are drinking Agua estructurada you are drinking much more than hexagonal water. You are drinking dynamically harmonized water. Clayton Nolte’s Natural Action technology brings structure back to water so that it is coherent once again and with that coherence the water regains intelligence and with that intelligence it begins to flow vibrantly again so that it can dance harmoniously and bring hydration back to plants, animals, humans and all living beings that thrive off the life giving properties of Agua estructurada.

Water lose his vitality when it has passed a water filter and must be revitalized by structuring the water molecules.

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