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A Fluid Machine

by Clayton Nolte

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Agua Estructurada water treatment that restructure and revitalize your water

It is so simple that most people will shake their head and say “It can’t be,” but believe me it is.

I am Clayton Nolte I represent Natural Action Water Technology the technology behind the Structured Water Unit / Agua estructurada I worked for the government for 40 years in research and development in electronic warfare. Well the Structured Water Unit is a very simple technology basically that imitates nature, it has no moving parts no magnetics no electricity no chemicals it virtually will last forever and yet it makes water generally perfect in natures way.

Basically its water that has run through nature. If you were to take a gallon of water and put it in a mountain stream and collect it at the bottom it will be structured and structured water has many attributes. Probably one of the main attributes is it has a life force energy. In that life force energy the molecule, the water molecule, has the power in knowing what is good for life and what is bad for life. What is good for life, all the elements, minerals, compounds that are good for life in the water are carried on the outside of the water molecule and instantly assimilated by all life. Things that are bad for life are pulled in the inside of the water molecule and shielded in from life so life becomes the filter that it passes through and goes back into nature to be recycled.

The Structured Water Unit is very reasonably priced compared to the competitors out there that are doing similar structuring and other than that there is the aforementioned aspects of no moving parts, life time warranty, and money back guarantee.

This is a fluid machine which structures water, the device is a specifically tuned chamber that the water passes through and it also passes through flow form devices that are within the chamber. They are geometric in nature and as the water passes against them or through them it causes the water to structure. One of these devices emulates nature, possibly a mile or two, and some of the larger units up to 10 miles of nature’s rivers or streams.
Entrainment is an attribute of structured water that is really really interesting.

You can take a glass, a cup or a gallon of structured water and carry it to a body of water that is not structured or say a container of whatever is not structured and structured water has a life force energy powered I am reluctant to say a GOD power in a sense but wherever you take it it will try to change everything in the room everything in its proximity in the best of its ability and it will extend that energy life force to all things, especially bodies and other bodies that want it. So say you have a bottle of store bought water and you want to make it structured all you got to do is set it next to a container of structured water and within a very short period of time it will become the same as the structured water.

Water lose his vitality when it has passed a water filter and must be revitalized by structuring the water molecules.

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